1. Definitions

“You” means website users

“We” means the Deposit Protection Agency (“DPA”)

“Website” means website which is provided by the Deposit Protection Agency

“Personal Data” means information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person directly or indirectly and is personal data that is complete, accurate, up-to-date, and of good quality.

2. General Details

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided for the purpose of clarifying and managing of the user’s Personal Data. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we may occasionally update or amend this Privacy Policy, including that which is specifically provided in any part of this Website, whether in whole or in part, in order to comply with our service guidelines and criteria without notifying or informing you in advance. Therefore, you should regularly check the Privacy Policy. We shall, nevertheless, publish any changes in relation to the Privacy Policy on this Website.

Furthermore, this Privacy Policy shall govern the registration of services, use of services, and access to and use of content, features, technologies or functions contained in this Website, including any services on our Website, at present or in the future.

3. Data, Collection Methods, and Use of Information

We use legitimate and fair methods to collect and store information, and we will collect and store only the necessary Personal Data for our purposes. However, we may store and collect Personal Data with technologies such as cookies, which is a small piece of information stored on your device that allows the Website to store information about Website access or your use of the Website on each occasion. Your Personal Data collected by us includes:

Information that you provide directly: The Personal Data you send to us directly through the channels we provide. This refers to the Personal Data that our tools or equipment receive from your device or equipment, such as the information you entered when you registered your account, the information you provided when applying for service, information on any activities you have participated in on the Website, survey information, user’s account information or information you have modified in your account or information obtained from your contact with us or information obtained from other users’ accounts for which we have reason to believe that you are in control of, including but not limited to, all information displayed on the user profile and registration or subscription page such as name-surname, address, date of birth, gender, age, photo, email, identification card number, telephone number as well as information on the users’ accounts, interests and all comments you have added or uploaded on the Website (if any). These information shall be stored with the account.

Information obtained from your use of the Website: Personal information received from you due to your use of the Website or use any other services through the Website, including but not limited to, the information of devices you use to access the Website, Computer Traffic Data (Log), contact information and communication between you and other users, and information from the use of the Website such as device identifier, IP address, device identification number, device type, mobile network information, connection information, geographic location information, browser type, information recorded from your access to the Website, information of the Website entered by you before and after access to our Website (Referring Website), Website historical record, login log, transaction log, customer behavior, statistic of Website usage, access time, information on your search, use of Website functions, and information we collect through cookies or other similar technologies.

Details of the information you provide directly and information obtained from your use of the Website, as mentioned above, are examples of information we may collect whereby only necessary Personal Data shall be collected and only for the duration necessary for its use as specified in Clause 4.

4. Purpose and Use of Personal Data

We shall use your Personal Data for the following purposes: 

4.1 To ensure that the use of service is in good order and in accordance with the relevant laws, rules, and regulations as well as ensuring compliance with legal obligations and regulations related or applicable to us, both currently effective and including any amendments to be made in the future.

4.2 To verify or determine your identity when using our services such as for job applications, suggestions, and complaints.

4.3 To inquiry your service usage in developing security standards in relation to the use of services, management and protection of information technology infrastructure as necessary and may proceed with encryption before the use and/or arrange for random searches as well as conducting accessibility testing by others for the purpose of risk management, detection, prevention or fraudulent elimination or other activities that has a tendency to violate the relevant laws and terms of service. 

4.4 To increase the efficiency of providing various services to you.

4.5 To contact you by telephone, text message (SMS), email or postal mail, or through any channels to inquire or inform you, or to check and confirm information about your account, or conduct the survey, or inform any other information related to our services as necessary.

4.6 For other benefits related to our mission such as for the purpose of study, research, statistics, service development and marketing- or advertising-related purposes, including content delivery, advertising, activities and promotions as well as providing appropriate advice about various services that may match your interests.

5. Use of Personal Data 

We will not disclose, publish or make your Personal Data appear out of objectives or to third parties unless it is for the purpose of our mission. We will take strict measures to maintain security as well as prevent the use of Personal Data within the scope specified in the DPA’s objectives except in the following events:

5.1 For the benefit of planning, statistics or population census of government agency.

5.2 For the benefit of investigations by officials or court proceedings.

5.3 To prevent or suppress danger to life, body, or health. 

5.4 It is publicly disclosed information that is lawful. 

5.5 Upon the criteria prescribed by laws or by court orders.

 6. Security in the Storage of Personal Data

We have prepared and/or adopted a Personal Data storage system with the appropriate mechanisms and techniques, including restricting access to your Personal Data from our staff, employees, and agents in order to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, destruction or unauthorized access. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no errors or defects arising from compliance with such policy. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny any liabilities for any damages or losses that occur in any events.

7. Contact Us

We have assigned the Deposit Protection Center 1158 as the coordinator of the protection of Personal Data of the DPA. If you have any questions or questions regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact the Deposit Protection Center 1158 by calling 1158.

8. Privacy Policy Enforcement

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Data we have collected and you agree that we have the right to store, maintain, and use your collected Personal Data (if any). Also any Personal Data that we are currently collecting or will be collected in order use or disclose to other parties in the future within the scope specified in this Privacy Policy.

9. Applicable Law

You hereby acknowledge and agree that this “Privacy Policy” shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Thai law and the Thai court is authorized to consider any disputes that may arise.