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Royal Decree on the Deposit Coverage Limit B.E. 2559 Effective from 11 August 2016 Onwards.

Date 23/6/2016
Mr. Sorasit Soontornkes, President of the Deposit Protection Agency, informed that the draft of Royal Decree on the Deposit Coverage Limit B.E. approved by the cabinet on April 26, 2016 has already been published in the Royal Gazette and has been effective on August 11, 2016 onwards.
The deposit coverage prescribed in the Royal Decree is as the following .
Deposit Coverage Amount

The reason to issue the decree is that the economy, financial system and financial institutions in the country remain fluctuating. In order to strengthen and stabilize the economy and the financial system as a whole, as well as restore confidence of public and depositors on the financial institution system, it is rigorously sound to set the deposit coverage higher than the protection amount specified in Article 53 of the Protection Agency Act B.E. 2551. Then, it is necessary to enact Royal Decree on the Deposit Coverage Limit B.E. 2559.
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